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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With H with Meanings

A with Meanings
HaajarHard as a rock GirlMuslim
HaalaAureole GirlMuslim
HaalimaDreamer, VisionaryGirlMuslim
HababahA daughter of Ajlan, She was a narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
HabibaBeloved, Darling, Sweetheart GirlMuslim
HabibahBeloved, sweetheart, darling GirlMuslim
HadeelTo coo (like a dove) GirlMuslim
HadeeqaGorgeus GirlMuslim
HadiaLeader, GuideGirlMuslim
HadilCooing of a pigeonGirlMuslim
HadiyahGuide to righteousness GirlMuslim
HaedaA woman who repents a lot GirlMuslim
HaemahCrazy in love GirlMuslim
HafeezaGuardian, protector GirlMuslim
HafizaGuardian, ProtectorGirlMuslim
HafizahHeedful, mindful GirlMuslim
HafsahA wife of the Prophet (SAW) GirlMuslim
HaifaSlender, Of Beautiful Body GirlMuslim
HaiyaHeart GirlMuslim
HajarName of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim GirlMuslim
HajnaDaughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess GirlMuslim
HakeemaWise, Sage, Judicious, Prudent GirlMuslim
HakimaRuler, queen GirlMuslim

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