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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With G with Meanings

A with Meanings
GabinaHoney GirlMuslim
GabriellaAn angel GirlMuslim
GalaiHail GirlMuslim
GalilaVariant transcription of JALILA GirlMuslim
GamilaVariant transcription of JAMILA GirlMuslim
GathbiyyaVariant transcription of JATHIBIYYA GirlMuslim
GawahirVariant transcription of JAWAHIR GirlMuslim
GazbiyyaVariant transcription of JATHIBIYYA GirlMuslim
GhaaniaBeauty, Beautiful girlGirlMuslim
GhadaDelicate young girl GirlMuslim
GhadahBeautiful GirlMuslim
GhadeerBrook, rivulet, small stream GirlMuslim
GhadiaMorning, cloud GirlMuslim
GhadirStream GirlMuslim
GhafiraOne who hides other's sins GirlMuslim
GhaithaHelpful, Rain GirlMuslim
GhaliaPrecious, ValuableGirlMuslim
GhalibaConqueror, Victor, WinnerGirlMuslim
GhalibahDominant GirlMuslim
Ghaliyaprecious, valuable in Arabic GirlMuslim
GhamzaGestures GirlMuslim
GhaneemahSpoils, Booty GirlMuslim
GhaniaBeautiful GirlMuslim
GhaniyaRich, wealthy, prosperous GirlMuslim
GhaniyahPretty girl, beautiful woman, beauty GirlMuslim

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