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Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With F with Meanings

A with Meanings
FaaizaVictorious, Triumphant, SuccessfulGirlMuslim
FaarihaHappy, Glad, Delighted, Cheerful, Joyful GirlMuslim
FaatinBeautiful, Pretty, AtractiveGirlMuslim
FaatinaCaptivating GirlMuslim
FaazilaVirtuous, honest, excellent GirlMuslim
FadeelahSuperiority GirlMuslim
FadheelaVirtue GirlMuslim
FadiaRedeemer, RansomerGirlMuslim
FadilaGood looking, attractive GirlMuslim
FadiyahRedeemer, self sacrificing GirlMuslim
FadwaName Derived From Self Sacrifice GirlMuslim
FadwahName derived from self-sacrifice GirlMuslim
FaeezahLeader GirlMuslim
FaheemaIntelligent, Judicious GirlMuslim
FaheemahIntelligent GirlMuslim
FahhamaVery intelligent, learned GirlMuslim
FahimaQuick-witted, Sharp-wittedGirlMuslim
Fahm AraAdorned with intellect GirlMuslim
FahmedaIntelligent and wise GirlMuslim
FahmeedahIntelligent, wise GirlMuslim
FaidaBenefit, Advantage, Gain, WorthGirlMuslim
FaiqaExcellent, Outstanding, Distinguished GirlMuslim
FaiqahSurpassing, excellent GirlMuslim
FairoozaA precious gem GirlMuslim

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