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Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings

A with Meanings
JubairCounsels or brings together GirlMuslim
Badr al DinFull moon of the faith GirlMuslim
HalimahGentle, patient, mild-tempered GirlMuslim
ArishaHighness GirlMuslim
AmeenahTrustworthy GirlMuslim
AliyahExalted, noble GirlMuslim
HamidahPraising Allah, appreciative GirlMuslim
FaridahUnique, Matchless, Precious gem GirlMuslim
AreshaUnder an umbrella GirlMuslim
AsifaOrganiser GirlMuslim
AminahTrustworthy, faithful GirlMuslim
ZarineGolden GirlMuslim
SharikaGoddess Durga GirlMuslim
ShefaliA flower GirlMuslim
ShalmaliSilk-cottom tree GirlMuslim
FajyazArtistic GirlMuslim
FarhanaaBeautiful GirlMuslim
KaishoriGoddess Parvati GirlMuslim
MahubalaSweet girl GirlMuslim
MadhulataSweet creeper GirlMuslim
NeelaBlue GirlMuslim
AkhilaTotal GirlMuslim
EsitaDesired GirlMuslim
EmmaEntire, All GirlMuslim
EmilyFlower GirlMuslim
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