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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Y with Meanings

A with Meanings
YaachanaA requestGirlHindu
YaaliniMelodious like that of Music from Yaazh GirlHindu
YaalisaiMusic from Yaazh, Melodious GirlHindu
YaalmoliMelodious GirlHindu
YachanaPleading GirlHindu
YadaviWoman of the yadava tribe, Another name for durgaGirlHindu
YadhanaSmile GirlHindu
YaditaLord Of Night GirlHindu
YadunandiniDaughter of the yadusGirlHindu
YagnithaWorship GirlHindu
YagnyaCeremonial Rites To God GirlHindu
YahviHeaven and earth conjoined GirlHindu
YajnaWorship GirlHindu
YajnavatiWorshiping, A queen of kamarupaGirlHindu
YajnikaUsed in an oblation, Flame of the forestGirlHindu
YakshaSister Of Daksha GirlHindu
YakshitaWonder Girl GirlHindu
YaksiA female yaksaGirlHindu
YaksiniA female yaksa, Attendants of durgaGirlHindu
YamangikaDestroyer of yama, A yoginiGirlHindu
YamhaDove GirlHindu
YamiMotion, course, CarriageGirlHindu
YamikaNight GirlHindu
YaminiConsisting of watches, NightGirlHindu
YamunaA river commonly called jamunaGirlHindu

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