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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With V with Meanings

A with Meanings
VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower GirlHindu
VaagdeviGoddess of learning, Saraswathi GirlHindu
VaahilaName Of Air GirlHindu
VaanadhiMilky Way GirlHindu
VaaniSpeech GirlHindu
VaanyaHindu female deity of forestsGirlHindu
VaasukiLearned GirlHindu
VadivuBeautiful GirlHindu
VadivukarasiQueen of Beauty GirlHindu
VadrmatiWith VisnuGirlHindu
VagadeviGoddess of speech, Another name for sarasvatiGirlHindu
VagishwariGoddess Saraswati GirlHindu
VahiniArmy, Body of forceGirlHindu
VahnisvariGoddess of fire, Another name for laksmiGirlHindu
VaibaviLandlord, Rich Person GirlHindu
VaigaGoddess Parvathi GirlHindu
VaijayantiGift of victory, Flag, BannerGirlHindu
VaikunthaWithout hindrance, Abode of the absoluteGirlHindu
VainaviOf venu, Gold from the venu riverGirlHindu
VairagiFree from passions, A raginiGirlHindu
VairamAs Beautiful as a Diamond GirlHindu
VaisaliThe great, Princess of viasalaGirlHindu
VaishaliAn ancient city of India GirlHindu
VaishanaviWorshipper Of Lord Vishnu GirlHindu

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