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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With R with Meanings

A with Meanings
RaagaBelongs to music terms GirlHindu
RaaginiA Melody, Music GirlHindu
RaahiTraveller GirlHindu
RaakhiA thread tied by sister to brothersGirlHindu
RacanaAccomplishment, Creation GirlHindu
RachanaCreation, Artistic work GirlHindu
RachitaCreated GirlHindu
RachnaConstruction, Arrangement GirlHindu
RadhaFull moon day in the month of VaisakhaGirlHindu
Radhamanilord krishnaGirlHindu
RadhanaSpeech GirlHindu
RadharaniQueen goddess radhaGirlHindu
RadhikaSuccessful, ProsperousGirlHindu
RadnyaDaughter Of King GirlHindu
RagavarshiniOne who showers ragas GirlHindu
RagavatiFull of love, Coloured, Impassioned, Beloved GirlHindu
RagaviGod of Raghavendra GirlHindu
RagiLoving GirlHindu
RaginiMelody, AttachmentGirlHindu
RahiniGoddess Saraswati GirlHindu
RahiniGoddess SaraswatiGirlHindu
RahiqNectar GirlHindu
RaikaBeautiful GirlHindu

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