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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With O with Meanings

A with Meanings
OdathiRefreshing GirlHindu
OdatiRefreshing, The dawnGirlHindu
OditiDawn GirlHindu
OghavatiPossessing current, A stream that's flows rapidlyGirlHindu
OindrilaAnother Name For The Wife Of Indra GirlHindu
OishiDivine GirlHindu
OjaVitality GirlHindu
OjalVision GirlHindu
OjasviBrave, Bright, SplendidGirlHindu
OjaswiniA very bright womanGirlHindu
OjaswitaBright (Brightness), a person symbolic of brightness GirlHindu
OjatiStrong, With vital powerGirlHindu
OjobalaHaving power, A deity of the bodhi treeGirlHindu
OlikodiBrilliant GirlHindu
OlimaniBrilliant GirlHindu
OliyarasiBrilliant GirlHindu
OmaLife Giver GirlHindu
OmaLife GiverGirlHindu
OmalaBestower of the om, EarthGirlHindu
OmanaA Woman GirlHindu
OmisaGoddess of the sacred syllable, Goddess of birthGirlHindu
OmishaGoddess Of Birth And Death GirlHindu
OmkareshwariGoddess Parvati GirlHindu

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