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Naming ceremony or namakaran is very sacred ceremony in Hindu religion. This is the best way to dedicate a identity to new born babies. Baby girl are the cutest blessing for their parents and naming them without going through the best options is not fair. If you are searching for a baby name starting with letter N as per astrology or choice, OMH will ease your search. We have a range of baby girl names starting with N from traditional Naina (eyes) to modern Niti (morality), we have it all. Pick the best name for your baby girl and keep your worries at bay.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With N with Meanings

A with Meanings
NaabhiCenter of bodyGirlHindu
NaamagalMagnificent Poetess, OratorGirlHindu
NaavarasiMagnificent Poetess, Orator GirlHindu
NaavyaWorth Praising GirlHindu
NaayantaraStar Of Our EyesGirlHindu
NabahNobel High, Sky GirlHindu
NabhanyaSpringing forth from the heavens, Ethereal, Celestial GirlHindu
NabhasindhuRiver of the sky, Lightning, ThunderGirlHindu
NabhasvatiBorn of the sky, Lighting, ThunderGirlHindu
NabhithaFearless GirlHindu
NachiniLiked one GirlHindu
NadanamBeautiful Dance GirlHindu
NadanaMangaiBeautiful Dancer GirlHindu
NadanaManiBeautiful Dancer GirlHindu
NadantikaReed Destroying GirlHindu
NadvalaA quantity of needsGirlHindu
NagakantiAwesome girl GirlHindu
NagamatrMother of serpentsGirlHindu
NagamitraFriend of the serpents, Another name of shivaGirlHindu
NaganadiMountain riverGirlHindu
NaganikaSerpent maiden GirlHindu
NagasriThe wealth of the serpentsGirlHindu
NagavithiA row of serpents the moon`s path, The serpents pathGirlHindu
NagendriDaughter of the mountain lord, A river of Ancient indiaGirlHindu
NagilaBest among serpentsGirlHindu

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