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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M with Meanings

A with Meanings
MaadharasiQueen of Women GirlHindu
MaaisaWaling with a proud gaitGirlHindu
MaalaiGarland of Flowers GirlHindu
MaanhithaTogether GirlHindu
MaanikaRuby GirlHindu
MaargaliName of an Auspicious Month GirlHindu
MaariyammalProsperous, Goddess of Rain GirlHindu
MaayaGoddess Lakshmi GirlHindu
MadalasaLazy with intoxication, languid, IndolentGirlHindu
MadanarekhaThe path of kama, The mother of vikramadityaGirlHindu
MadayatiExciting GirlHindu
MadeehaPraiseworthy GirlHindu
MadhavaFull of intoxication, Relate to the springGirlHindu
MadhavasriVernal beautyGirlHindu
MadhaviSweet, Intoxicating DrinkGirlHindu
MadhuAnything sweet, meadGirlHindu
MadhubalaSweet maiden GirlHindu
MadhudharaStream of honeyGirlHindu
MadhujaMade of honey, A honeycomb, The earthGirlHindu
MadhukasaWhip of sweetness, DewGirlHindu
MadhukumbhaPitcher of honeyGirlHindu
MadhulaSweet GirlHindu
MadhulikaSweetness, A kind of bee, CitronGirlHindu
MadhumalliThe vine of springGirlHindu

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