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The naming ceremony in Hindus is a big festival. A whole lot of thinking goes behind selecting the right name for the newborn. Listed below are some exceptional names starting with the alphabet L for girls. It is our effort to help you chose from an extensive list of names with L, making your job much more comfortable and enjoyable too. Scroll down and see which name suits your baby's personality. Below-listed names are all searched, keeping in mind the Hindu traditions and customs. Read below and find the best names for your baby girl with the alphabet L.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With L with Meanings

A with Meanings
LabanyaBeauty GirlHindu
LabhaProfit GirlHindu
LabukiA kind of luteGirlHindu
LadliLoved one GirlHindu
LaghimaGoddess Parvati GirlHindu
LaghupuspaDelicate flower, Flower of the Kadamba treeGirlHindu
LaibaFemale of the Haven GirlHindu
LainaRay Of Sun GirlHindu
LajjaModesty, A daughter of daksa and the wife of dharma GirlHindu
LajjanaModest, The wildGirlHindu
LajjasilaOf modest character GirlHindu
LajjavantiShy, modest, The touch me not plantGirlHindu
LajjitaCoy, ModestGirlHindu
LakhiGoddess Laxmi GirlHindu
LaksamanaWith auspicious marks, accomplisher of targetGirlHindu
LakshaA White RoseGirlHindu

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