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In Hindus, naming a baby is nothing less than a festival celebration. We see how people deck up their homes, organise a huge feast and call in their loved ones to spread joy. This is all for giving their baby an identity for a lifetime. Naming a baby is all about understanding the nuances of astrology and under the initial letter for the child. If you are looking for Hindu names starting with K for your baby girl, we are here to help you! We bring you a list of beautiful names starting with the alphabet K with their meanings too. It is always good to know what the meaning of the name is while selecting names as it remains with the individual for life.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With K with Meanings

A with Meanings
KaamilPerfect GirlHindu
KaarkulaliWith Beautiful Black Hair GirlHindu
KaashwiUnique GirlHindu
KaasniFlower GirlHindu
KaaviyaHeroine GirlHindu
KaberiFull of water, HarlotGirlHindu
KadaliThe banana treeGirlHindu
KadambaGroup, The Kadamba treeGirlHindu
KadambakiFlower of kadambaGirlHindu
KadambariComing from the kadamba tree, Female cuckooGirlHindu
KadambiniA garland of clouds, A daughter of taksakaGirlHindu
KahalaMischievous, a young womanGirlHindu
KahiniMischievous, young GirlHindu
KahlimaThe goddess form Kali Ma GirlHindu
KaikasiGrowing plants in water, VertebraGirlHindu
KailesvariGoddess of water, The family goddessGirlHindu
KaivyaKnowledge of poet GirlHindu
KajalKohl, CollyriumGirlHindu
KajriCollyrium coloured, cloud likeGirlHindu
KakaliVoice of the cuckoo, A musical instrumentGirlHindu
KakasyaCrow faced, A Buddhist goddess GirlHindu
KakatiCawing like a crow, A tutelary goddess form of durgaGirlHindu
KakiFemale crowGirlHindu

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