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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With J with Meanings

A with Meanings
JaagruthiAwakening GirlHindu
JaahnaviRiver gangesGirlHindu
JaanakiDaughter of janak, SitaGirlHindu
JabalaPossessing a herd of goats, A young cowherdessGirlHindu
JabiPray GirlHindu
Jagadambamother of the world, a form of durgaGirlHindu
JaganmataMother of the world, Another name for manasaGirlHindu
JagatiOf the universe, heaven and hell conjoined GirlHindu
JagaviBorn of the worldGirlHindu
JagratiAwakening GirlHindu
JagritiAwakening GirlHindu
JagrutiAwareness GirlHindu
JagviWorldly GirlHindu
JahnaviEar bornGirlHindu
JaidurgaDurga the victorious, A form of durgaGirlHindu
JailekhaA record of victory, Has been victorious many timeGirlHindu
JaimalaGarland of victoryGirlHindu
JaimanVictorious GirlHindu
JaiminiAn ancient philosopher GirlHindu
JainiGift From God GirlHindu
JainishaFind GirlHindu
JaiprabhaThe light of victory GirlHindu
JaipriyaBeloved of victory, an attendant of sakandaGirlHindu
JaishreeHonour of victory GirlHindu

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