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Always on ground, those with names starting from H are said to be humble, caring and genuine. If you are looking for a name for your baby girl starting with the character H, then look no further. We bring you a list of names for baby girls starting with Has per Hindu traditions, which are sure to catch your fancy. From Tavishi to Tanya, these names are fancy and are sure to enhance your baby's confidence in future. You can also find the meaning of each name listed next to them. Naming your baby can be difficult, but with a list this big, you are sure to find that perfect name for your little angel.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With H with Meanings

A with Meanings
HaadiyaGuide To Righteousness GirlHindu
HaarshiniCheerful GirlHindu
HadiyaGift GirlHindu
HaimaOf the snow, Golden GirlHindu
HaimavatiOne who has snowGirlHindu
HaithWho Wants Good For Every One GirlHindu
HakiniFemale demon like the dakiniGirlHindu
HalimaFull of poison, A saptamatr of skandaGirlHindu
HalipriyaBeloved of Visnu, The kadamba treeGirlHindu
HamsikaGoddess Saraswathi GirlHindu
HanikaSwan GirlHindu
HanishaBeautiful Night GirlHindu
HanitSpade GirlHindu
HanitaDivine GraceGirlHindu
HansagaminiAs graceful as a swanGirlHindu
HansanandiniDaughter of a swan GirlHindu
Hansaveniwith a braid like a swan, with a beautiful braidGirlHindu
HanshikaSwan Or Beautiful Lady GirlHindu
HansiniSwan, GooseGirlHindu
HansujaLaxmi GirlHindu
HanumantaPuffy CheeksGirlHindu

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