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If you are about to organise or attend baby naming ceremony and searching for a baby name starting with letter G, OMH is here to lessen up your efforts. In Hinduism, most of the new work start with offering prayer to Ganesha. So, technically letter G is very sacred. It resonates the ideas of wisdom and introspection. The person having name starting with letter G is scientific as well as spiritual in his thoughts and actions. High determination and intelligence is linked with this letter of the alphabet. So, chose a name from the list given and don't panic as all the name are mentioned with its meaning.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With G with Meanings

A with Meanings
GabhastiRay, lightGirlHindu
GadadeviMace lady, Visnu`s mace personified as a beautiful womanGirlHindu
GaganadipikaLamp of the sky, Another name for the sunGirlHindu
GaganasindhuOcean of the Sky GirlHindu
GajagaminiWith a gait as graceful as an elephantGirlHindu
GajagatiA gait as graceful as an elephantGirlHindu
GajalyaGoddess Name GirlHindu
GajraGarland of flowersGirlHindu
GamatiWith a flexible mindGirlHindu
GaminWith a graceful gaitGirlHindu
GaminiSilent GirlHindu
GanakshiDesire Or Want GirlHindu
GananayikaConsort of the lord of the ganasGirlHindu
GanarupaOf the form of ganasGirlHindu
Ganavatifollowed by attendants, the mother of DivodasaGirlHindu
GandaKnot, A cheekGirlHindu
GandakiObstacle, A north river flowing into the gangaGirlHindu
GandhamadaniIntoxicating fragranceGirlHindu
GandhamohiniWith an enchanting fragrance, The bud of the campaka treeGirlHindu
GandhapuspamFragrance and flower conjoinedGirlHindu
GandhariA raginiGirlHindu
GandharikaPreparing Perfume GirlHindu
GandharviSpeech of a gandharva, Another name of durga GirlHindu

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