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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With D with Meanings

A with Meanings
DadhichiName of a sage GirlHindu
DadhijaDaughter of milk, Born of curdGirlHindu
DahanapriyaBeloved of fire, The wife of agniGirlHindu
DaityasenaOne who has an army of demonsGirlHindu
DaiviPious soule GirlHindu
DakiniWitch, A female magician attendant of KaliGirlHindu
DaksakanayAn able daughter, Daughter of DaksaGirlHindu
DakseyuStriving for perfectionGirlHindu
DakshaThe Earth, Sati, Wife Of Shiva GirlHindu
DakshataSkill GirlHindu
DakshayaniGoddess Durga GirlHindu
DakshinaA Donation To God Or Priest GirlHindu
DakshitaFully Skill Person GirlHindu
DamasvasriDama sister, Another name for damayanti GirlHindu
DamayantiSubduing men, The wife of king NalaGirlHindu
DaminiLightning GirlHindu
DanikaMorning Star GirlHindu
DantiPateince, Self restraintGirlHindu
DarikaMaiden GirlHindu
DaritreeEarth GirlHindu
DarpanaA Mirror GirlHindu
DarpanikaA Small Mirror GirlHindu
DarsaniWorth looking atGirlHindu
DarshaTo See, To Perceive To Have Vision GirlHindu
DarshanaSeeing GirlHindu

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