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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With C with Meanings

A with Meanings
CahanaDesire, AffectionGirlHindu
CahndravatiIlluminated by moonGirlHindu
CaitriBorn in spring, As BeautifulGirlHindu
CakoriShining, ContentGirlHindu
CakranemiFelly of a wheel, RingGirlHindu
CaksaniSoothing to the eyes, Illuminating GirlHindu
CaksusiPreceptor, SeerGirlHindu
CalamaEver moving goddessGirlHindu
CamdravatiLit by the moon, BrilliantGirlHindu
CameliA Jasmine flowerGirlHindu
CampakaliA bud of the Campaka treeGirlHindu
CampikaLittle Champa flowerGirlHindu
CamundaSlayer of Canda and MundaGirlHindu
CandaliniGlorious, A tantric goddessGirlHindu
CandanaSandalwood, FragrantGirlHindu
CandanayikaSlayer of canda, A minor form of durgaGirlHindu
CandaniMoonlight, FairGirlHindu
CandarupaTerriable in form, A godnessGirlHindu
CandavatiSlayer of candaGirlHindu
CandiThe passionate and angryGirlHindu
CandikaSlayer of Canda, Fierce womanGirlHindu
CandragauriAs fair as he moon, extremely fair GirlHindu
CandrakalaThe segment of the moon GirlHindu
CandrakaliAs brilliant as the moon, SilverGirlHindu
CandrakantaA digit of the moon, ProgressiveGirlHindu

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