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We may come across several girl names starting with the alphabet B but often land up in a soup while selecting one for your loved one. If you are new parents, grandparents or angel godparents to a baby girl and wish to name the child with B, here are listed some exciting names starting with the alphabet B. The Baby Names Section of Onlymyhealth is here to help you find the best name with B for the baby girl, which not even sounds good but has a deep meaning too. These names are handpicked, chosen to keep in mind the Hindu customs. Start finding a name and, inevitably, your search will end right here.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With B with Meanings

A with Meanings
BaaniEarth GirlHindu
BaasimaSmiling GirlHindu
BabaySmall Kid GirlHindu
BabitaBorn in the first quarter of an astrological dayGirlHindu
BachendriThe sense of speech, Tongue GirlHindu
BadariThe jujube tree, A source of gangaGirlHindu
BagesriProsperity, BeautyGirlHindu
BaheeraDazzling, Brilliant GirlHindu
BahudantiWith many teethGirlHindu
BahupuspaHas many flower, Respected GirlHindu
BaidehiSita GirlHindu
BaijayanthiGarland of Lord Vishnu GirlHindu
BairaviGoddess Durga, Music GirlHindu
BaisakhiSweet Name GirlHindu
BaishaliAn ancient city GirlHindu
BakavatiWith the qualities of a heron, A riverGirlHindu
BakuliLady of the blossoms, NatureGirlHindu
Bala VibrantGirlHindu
BalamaniYouthful, Tender GirlHindu
BalambikaA virgin who is worshipped as motherGirlHindu
BalapuspikaThe young blossomGirlHindu

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