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Your little baby girl has just entered this world. Now you definitely want a beautiful name for your precious daughter. When it comes to Hindu names for a baby girl, there are endless options you can choose from. Your Pandit might have given you the letter to choose from according to her birth charts and nakshatras. Here is a guide for you to give your girl child the ideal Hindu name with a perfect meaning. With our Baby names section, you can find the most popular names or unique names. You can also search for the coolest name in the town through our sub-category. It is a one-stop solution to find the best name starting with any alphabet for your baby girl with its meaning. OnlyMyHealth gives you the opportunity to identify the heart of the young child and give her a place in the world with the right name.

Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meanings

A with Meanings
AadhHalf GirlHindu
AadhilaHonesty GirlHindu
AaditriGoddess Laxmi GirlHindu
AadrikaMountain GirlHindu
AadvikaUnique GirlHindu
AaghnyaBorn From Fire, Goddess Lakshmi GirlHindu
AakaankshaWish or desire GirlHindu
AakarshikaHaving attractive power GirlHindu
AakritiShape GirlHindu
AakruthiShape GirlHindu
AaleahyaSunshine GirlHindu
AalokaCry Of VictoryGirlHindu
AananditaPurveyor of Joy GirlHindu
AanchalShelter GirlHindu
AanshiGod's gift GirlHindu
AaokaLustrous GirlHindu
AapekshaPassion, Being Passionate GirlHindu
AaradhanaWorship GirlHindu
AaranamName of an Ornament GirlHindu
AaranieGodess Amman GirlHindu
AarashiFirst Ray Of Sun GirlHindu
AaraviPeace GirlHindu
AarchiRay Of Light GirlHindu
AarinMountain strenght GirlHindu

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