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Cool Baby Names Starting With M with Meanings

A with Meanings
MaaliNoble things GirlMuslim
MaaranBrave, KnightBoyHindu
MaariRain, ProsperousBoyHindu
Madhukahoney coloured, melodious, the asoka treeBoyHindu
Madhvaborn of the honey, beautifulBoyHindu
Maganabsorbed, engrossedBoyHindu
Maghagift, wealth, powerBoyHindu
MaghiGiving giftGirlHindu
MahaGreat, CowGirlHindu
Mahajahighborn, of noble descentBoyHindu
Mahatrugreatest of the greatBoyHindu
MahiGreat world, Earth, A riverGirlHindu
Mahingiving delight, joyous, greatBoyHindu
MahisiQueen, Consort, Female buffaloGirlHindu
MainaIntelligence, The common indian starling GirlHindu
MairaMoon GirlMuslim
MaisaWalking With Proud Swinging Gait GirlHindu
MajdGlory, Honour GirlMuslim
MakariShe crocodile, A river of puranic fameGirlHindu
MakulA BudBoyHindu
Malaimountain, similar to giriBoyHindu
MalavAnsh of LaxmiBoyHindu

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