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Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With U with Meanings

A with Meanings
UbaadahOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UbaidahServant of GodBoyMuslim
UbaidullahLowly Servant of the AllahBoyMuslim
UbayOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UbaydullahServant of AllahBoyMuslim
UbayyOne with High Self EsteemBoyMuslim
UdailOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UdaylOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UhbanName of Prophet (SAW)'s NameBoyMuslim
UkkashahWeb, CobwebBoyMuslim
UlfatLove, Affection, FamiliarityBoyMuslim
UmaarahOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UmairOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UmamaProper NameBoyMuslim
UmamahProper NameBoyMuslim
Umarfull of life, large, prosperousBoyMuslim
UmarahOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
UmaroromarName of the Second CaliphBoyMuslim
UmaymaDiminutive of UmmBoyMuslim
UmayrResidents, PopulaceBoyMuslim
UmayyahFamous Arabian TribeBoyMuslim

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