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Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With H with Meanings

A with Meanings
HaadyGuiding to the RightBoyMuslim
Haafiztitle of a man who has memorised the whole qur'an, guardian, protectorBoyMuslim
Haakimjudge, ruler, governorBoyMuslim
HaalimGrown UpBoyMuslim
Haamidpraiser (of allah)BoyMuslim
HaardHeart's Feeling, Main, MeaningBoyMuslim
HaarithPlowman, Old Arabic NameBoyMuslim
HaaroonA Prophet's nameBoyMuslim
Haashimgreat grandfather of muhammad, an important tribe in early islamBoyMuslim
HaaziqIntelligent, SkillfullBoyMuslim
HababAim, Goal, EndBoyMuslim
HabashGuinea Hen, Guinea FowlBoyMuslim
HabeelName of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam ASBoyMuslim
Habibbeloved, dear one, friendBoyMuslim
HabibullahFriend of Allah, Dear to AllBoyMuslim
HabisIbn Sad al-Taiy had this nameBoyMuslim
HadadSyrian God of Fertility, JoyBoyMuslim
Hadayagifts, presentsBoyMuslim
HaddadBlacksmith, Iron SmithBoyMuslim
Hadileader, guide, the guide: one of the names of allahBoyMuslim
HadramiThere have been Notable MenBoyMuslim
HafidThe Wise OneBoyMuslim

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