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Baby Names Starting With Y with Meanings

A with Meanings
YaachanaA requestGirlHindu
YaalchelvanPride of YaalpaanamBoyHindu
YaaliniMelodious like that of Music from Yaazh GirlHindu
YaalisaiMusic from Yaazh, Melodious GirlHindu
YaalmoliMelodious GirlHindu
YaalvendanRuler of YaalpaanamBoyHindu
YaameenBlessed, AuspiciousBoyMuslim
YaaminBlessed, AuspiciousBoyMuslim
YaaniRipe, Scarlet GirlMuslim
YaaqootRuby, a precious stone, a garnet GirlMuslim
YaaseenOne of the Prophet Muhammad's NamesBoyMuslim
YaasmeenA Sweet-smelling Flower Called JasmineBoyMuslim
YaasoobAlis TitleBoyMuslim
YaatieshLord of DevoteesBoyHindu
YaawarAiding, FriendlyBoyMuslim
YachanaPleading GirlHindu
YacoobProphets NameBoyMuslim
YadaspatiLord Varuna, Lord of Marine AnimalsBoyHindu
YadavLord Krishna, Descedent of YaduBoyHindu
YadavaprakasaLord KrishnaBoyHindu
Yadavendralord krishnaBoyHindu
YadavesvaraLord KrishnaBoyHindu
YadaviWoman of the yadava tribe, Another name for durgaGirlHindu
YadhanaSmile GirlHindu

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