Baby Names Starting With W with Meanings

A with Meanings
NameMeaning Gender Religion
WisaamMedal, badge of honor GirlMuslim
WurudRoses GirlMuslim
WawrinaSnow white GirlMuslim
WidadLove, friendship GirlMuslim
WifaqHarmony, consent GirlMuslim
WisaalCommunion in love GirlMuslim
WasiqaConfident, sure, certain GirlMuslim
WasnaA narrator of Hadith had this name GirlMuslim
WateebHeart GirlMuslim
WardaGuardian, Protector GirlMuslim
WarqaaPigeon GirlMuslim
WarsanTrue news, wonderful news GirlMuslim
WasfiyahorDepictive GirlMuslim
WasifiPraiseworthy GirlMuslim
Wasillabond GirlMuslim
WaaliyahThe female Governor, she who directs, manages, conducts, governs, measures GirlMuslim
Waarithah(Waarisah) An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor GirlMuslim
WadaaatMildness, Gentleness, Peace GirlMuslim
WadeedahLover, Friend, Beloved, Devoted GirlMuslim
WadhaaPretty GirlMuslim
WadidaAttached, devoted, friendly GirlMuslim
WafiqahSuccessful GirlMuslim
WafiyyaLoyal GirlMuslim
WagmaMorning breeze, dew GirlMuslim
WahabahThis was the name of a poetess GirlMuslim
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