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Baby Names Starting With V with Meanings

A with Meanings
VikramBravery BoyHindu
VinayModesty BoyHindu
VishnuLord Vishnu BoyHindu
VinayakLord Ganesh BoyHindu
VarshaRain GirlHindu
VaishaliAn ancient city of India GirlHindu
VarishaLightning GirlMuslim
VardahRose GirlMuslim
VyomaWho Lives N Sky ( Bird) GirlHindu
VrustiHeavy Rain GirlHindu
VividhaStrange GirlHindu
VriteeNature, Behaviour GirlHindu
VrishtiRain GirlHindu
VriddhiGrowth GirlHindu
VivikaDifferent GirlHindu
VitiLight GirlHindu
VrittiNature, Behaviour GirlHindu
VruddhiGrowth GirlHindu
VishakaStars GirlHindu
VishalaWide, Spacious GirlHindu
VishalyaPainless GirlHindu
VishetaSelf control (having complete control on all the senses) GirlHindu
VismitaWonderment, Amazement GirlHindu
ViriFlower GirlHindu
VinithaRequester GirlHindu

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