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Baby Names Starting With T with Meanings

A with Meanings
TaadeelModeration, equality GirlMuslim
TaahidTo Console, To GuardBoyMuslim
TaahiraPure, ChasteGirlMuslim
TaahirahClean GirlMuslim
TaaibaRepentant GirlMuslim
TaaleaFortunate GirlMuslim
TaaliahLucky, fortunate, fortune GirlMuslim
TaaqulWise thought GirlMuslim
TaarazPowerful, StrongBoyHindu
TaaseesInception, foundation GirlMuslim
TabanaBright moonlight GirlMuslim
TabaniLight GirlMuslim
TabarikTo be Magnified GreatlyBoyMuslim
TabassumA FlowerGirlMuslim
TabbahAnother Name of Madina CityBoyMuslim
TabbarFamily, Caste, RaceBoyMuslim
TabeedGlitter, Curve, ShineBoyMuslim
TabeedahComplex, zigzag, curling GirlMuslim
TabeenFollowers, Those Who BelieveBoyMuslim
TabeerResult of deeds GirlMuslim
TabinaEnlighting, sparkling GirlMuslim
TabindaBright, shining GirlMuslim

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