Baby Names Starting With R with Meanings

A with Meanings
NameMeaning Gender Religion
RajeshwariGoddess Parvati GirlHindu
ReshmiSilken GirlHindu
RudrapriyaGoddess Durga GirlHindu
RuqayaDaughter of the Prophet (SAW) GirlMuslim
RuwaidahWalking gently GirlMuslim
RuyahDream, vision GirlMuslim
RukshaBeautiful GirlMuslim
RumailahOld Arabic name GirlMuslim
RumaisaBunch of flowers GirlMuslim
RumehaBeautiful Stone GirlMuslim
RukhsanaBeautiful GirlMuslim
RuhinaSweet fragrence GirlMuslim
RuheeSoul, a flower, who touches the heart GirlMuslim
RufaidahSupport GirlMuslim
RudaynahOld Arabic name GirlMuslim
RubiyaSpring season GirlMuslim
RukhsarCheek GirlMuslim
RijjaHeavens beauty GirlMuslim
ReemaWhite antelope GirlMuslim
RimshaBunch of flowers GirlMuslim
RizqinGood fortune GirlMuslim
RizwanaBeautiful, Guardian of heaven GirlMuslim
RomanaPomegranate, The fruit of Paradise GirlMuslim
RomeesaHeavens beauty GirlMuslim
RoshiniLight, noor GirlMuslim
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