Baby Names Starting With Q with Meanings

A with Meanings
NameMeaning Gender Religion
QutayyahA woman studne tof Hadith GirlMuslim
Qurrtul ainGods mercy GirlMuslim
QurratulaynDelights of the eyes, Darling GirlMuslim
QuddoosiyyahA blessed girl a pious girl, Celestial GirlMuslim
QuraishaStrong, Pertaining to the tribe of quraish in makka GirlMuslim
QarsafahShe was a narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
QaabilahCapable Woman,Midwife GirlMuslim
QaariaReciter (of the Holy Quran) GirlMuslim
Qamar jahanThe moon of the world GirlMuslim
QamaraThe moon GirlMuslim
Qamarun nisaMoon of the women GirlMuslim
QameerWife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda GirlMuslim
Qanturah3rd wife of Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) GirlMuslim
QasitJust, FairBoyMuslim
QatiiA StudentBoyMuslim
QayyimAnother Name for the QuranBoyMuslim
QazimThe One Who Imprison His AngerBoyMuslim
QuaidLeader, GeneralBoyMuslim
QusayOld Arabic NameBoyMuslim
QutbahName of Ibn Maalik RA, A ComaBoyMuslim
QaariReciter (of the Holy Quran)BoyMuslim
QabidThe Constrictor A Name for AllahBoyMuslim
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