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Baby Names Starting With P with Meanings

A with Meanings
PaadiniPleasing Song GirlHindu
Paalmadhiyanhandsome and brilliant like the moonBoyHindu
Paamannanking of poetryBoyHindu
Paarvendanleader, ruler of the worldBoyHindu
PaavaiBeautiful Girl GirlHindu
PaawniSacred GirlHindu
Pachaiappanyouthful, resourcefulBoyHindu
PachaiManiyouthful, resourcefulBoyHindu
PachaiMuthuyouthful, resourcefulBoyHindu
PadmaLotus, hued oneGirlHindu
Padmahasanlotus smile, another name for visnuBoyHindu
PadmajaBorn From Lotus, Lakshmi GirlHindu
PadmakshiOne With Lotus Like Eyes GirlHindu
PadmalayaLiving in a lotusGirlHindu
PadmamaliniLotus garlandedGirlHindu
PadmanjaliAn offering of lotusesGirlHindu
PadmapriyaOne who loves lotuses GirlHindu
PadmaratiLover of lotusesGirlHindu
PadmarupaWith the beauty of a lotus, Another name for laksmiGirlHindu
PadmashreeDivine Lotus GirlHindu
PadmasriDivine lotus, As beautiful as a lotusGirlHindu
PadmavatiFull of lotus flowers, A wife of asokaGirlHindu
Padmesalord of the lotusBoyHindu

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