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Baby Names Starting With M with Meanings

A with Meanings
MansoorVictorious BoyMuslim
Madan MohanDelightful / Enchanter / Lord Krishna BoyHindu
MahadevLord Shiva BoyHindu
MahavirLord Hanuman BoyHindu
ManavMan BoyHindu
ManishLord of the mind BoyHindu
MahubalaSweet girl GirlMuslim
MadhulataSweet creeper GirlMuslim
MyshaHappy for entire life GirlMuslim
MuznahThe cloud that carries the rain GirlMuslim
MuskanSmile, Happy GirlMuslim
MushirahGiving counsel, advising GirlMuslim
MuslimahDevout believer, submitting oneself to God GirlMuslim
MusnahRain, clouds GirlMuslim
MussahShe narrated Hadith GirlMuslim
MussaretHappiness GirlMuslim
MutahharahPurified, chaste GirlMuslim
MutazahA narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
MuyassarFacilitated, wealthy, successful GirlMuslim
MusaykahShe narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah GirlMuslim
MuzaynahAdornment GirlMuslim
MusaddiqahOne who affirms the Truth GirlMuslim
MurshidahGuide GirlMuslim
MunibaTo consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah GirlMuslim
MuneerahSplendid, bright shine of light, illuminous GirlMuslim

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