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Baby Names Starting With M with Meanings

A with Meanings
MaadharasiQueen of Women GirlHindu
MaahnoorGlow of Moon GirlMuslim
MaaisaWaling with a proud gaitGirlHindu
Maajidglorious, nobleBoyMuslim
MaajidaGlorious, NobleGirlMuslim
MaalaiGarland of Flowers GirlHindu
MaaliNoble things GirlMuslim
Maalikowner, proprietor, masterBoyMuslim
MaanhithaTogether GirlHindu
MaanikaRuby GirlHindu
MaaranBrave, KnightBoyHindu
MaargaliName of an Auspicious Month GirlHindu
MaariRain, ProsperousBoyHindu
MaariSamiProsperous, God of RainBoyHindu
MaariyammalProsperous, Goddess of Rain GirlHindu
MaariyappanProsperous, God of RainBoyHindu
MaasilamaniPure, Without blemishBoyHindu
Maasilanpure, without blemishBoyHindu
MaassamaA noble hearted, Generous lady GirlMuslim
Maavarasangreat kingBoyHindu

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