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Baby Names Starting With I with Meanings

A with Meanings
IaanPride, Lord ShivaBoyHindu
IbaSense of honour, Self-esteemGirlMuslim
IbadahWorship GirlMuslim
IbadatWorship GirlMuslim
IbbaniHoney Dow GirlMuslim
IbhaElephant, the number 8GirlHindu
Ibhananlord ganeshBoyHindu
IbhiFemale elephantGirlHindu
Ibhyapossessor of many attendantsBoyHindu
Ibn SinaThe celebrated physician Avicenna GirlChristian
IbrahWisdom, advice GirlMuslim
Ibrahimkind fatherBoyMuslim
IbrarHelpful, PeacefulBoyMuslim
IbrisamSilk GirlMuslim
IbthajJoy GirlMuslim
IbtihaajJoy GirlMuslim
IbtihajJoy, delight GirlMuslim
IbtihalSupplication, prayer GirlMuslim
IbtisamSmiling, SmileGirlMuslim
IbtisamaSmile GirlMuslim
IbtissemTo smile GirlMuslim
IcchaDesire, Ambition GirlMuslim
Icchakagranting desiresBoyHindu
IcchavatiOne who desiresGirlHindu

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