Baby Names Starting With H with Meanings

A with Meanings
NameMeaning Gender Religion
HuzaifahCurtailed, shortened BoyMuslim
HurairahNarrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) BoyMuslim
HakimBrother BoyMuslim
HalimahGentle, patient, mild-tempered GirlMuslim
HamidahPraising Allah, appreciative GirlMuslim
HazimaFirm, energetic, judicious GirlMuslim
HassanaMost beautiful woman GirlMuslim
HasifaJudicious, wise, prudent GirlMuslim
HashmatModesty, bashfulness GirlMuslim
HafeezaGuardian, protector GirlMuslim
HuwaydahGentle GirlMuslim
Husn AraAdorned with beauty GirlMuslim
HushaimaDiminutive of Hishma, modesty GirlMuslim
HusainaDiminutive of Husn, beauty GirlMuslim
HelaiSwan GirlMuslim
HaziqaClever, shrewd GirlMuslim
HazeerahWise GirlMuslim
HazeenaAutumn, treasure, forever GirlMuslim
HawiyaDominant GirlMuslim
HawadahPleasant GirlMuslim
HatimaGenerous GirlMuslim
HaedaA woman who repents a lot GirlMuslim
HaemahCrazy in love GirlMuslim
HakimaRuler, queen GirlMuslim
HaliaAware, knowing GirlMuslim
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