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Baby Names Starting With G with Meanings

A with Meanings
GabhastiRay, lightGirlHindu
GabinaHoney GirlMuslim
GabraMan, Human BeingBoyMuslim
GabriellaAn angel GirlMuslim
Gadasentence, a brother of balaramaBoyHindu
GadadeviMace lady, Visnu`s mace personified as a beautiful womanGirlHindu
GadhadharName of Lord VishnuBoyHindu
GadinLord KrishnaBoyHindu
GaganSky BoyHindu
Gaganathe moving one, the sky, the heavenBoyHindu
GaganadipikaLamp of the sky, Another name for the sunGirlHindu
Gaganaghosathe noise of the sky, thunderBoyHindu
Gaganamanijewel of the sky, another name of suryaBoyHindu
GaganasindhuOcean of the Sky GirlHindu
Gaganesvaralord of the sky, another name for garudaBoyHindu
GagneshLord ShivaBoyHindu
GahanDepth, ProfoundBoyHindu
GairimSinging in PraiseBoyMuslim
GajagaminiWith a gait as graceful as an elephantGirlHindu
GajagatiA gait as graceful as an elephantGirlHindu
GajalyaGoddess Name GirlHindu
GajananLord GanapatiBoyHindu
Gajananaanother name for ganesaBoyHindu

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