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Baby Names Starting With C with Meanings

A with Meanings
Cacharimoving quicklyBoyHindu
CahaDesire, Loving, CharmingBoyHindu
CahanaDesire, AffectionGirlHindu
CahndravatiIlluminated by moonGirlHindu
Caidyaintelligent, administratorBoyHindu
Cailraabsorbed in pleasure, as pleasant as the springBoyHindu
Caitanyamind, spirit, consciousnessBoyHindu
CaitriBorn in spring, As BeautifulGirlHindu
Caityathe individual soulBoyHindu
Caityakaa temple, a monumentBoyHindu
Cakato be content, to shineBoyHindu
Cakorashining, the Greek partridgeBoyHindu
CakoriShining, ContentGirlHindu
Cakrawheel, circle, a symbol of the sunBoyHindu
Cakrabhrtdiscus bearerBoyHindu
Cakradrsaround eyedBoyHindu
CakranemiFelly of a wheel, RingGirlHindu
Cakrasamvaraa buddhaBoyHindu
Cakravakahas a round mouthBoyHindu
Cakravartinpowerful, renowned, emperorBoyHindu
CaksanaAppearance, AspectBoyHindu
CaksaniSoothing to the eyes, Illuminating GirlHindu
Caksaslook, sight, a teacherBoyHindu

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