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Baby Names Starting With A with Meanings

A with Meanings
Ayutajit1. Conquerer of many. 2. A king who was the son Sindhudvipa and father of Rtuparna (Brahma Purana); A son of Bhajamana (V. Purana).BoyHindu
Ayustejas1. Energy of life. 2. A Buddha (B. Literature).BoyHindu
Ayusman1. One blessed with a long life. 2. A Brother of Dhruva (V. Purana); a son of Samhrada and grandson of Uttanapada.BoyHindu
Ayus1. Age; duration of life; man; son; family; lineage; a divine personification presiding over life. 2. Fire personified as a son of Pururavas and Urvasi and father of Nahusa by Svarbhavanavi (M. Bh.); the king of frogs whose daughter Susobhana married King Pariksit (M. Bh.).BoyHindu
Atimanyu1. Extremely zealous. 2. A son of Manu (H. Purana).BoyHindu
Asvini1. Possessing horses. 2. Wealthy; moves swiftly. 3. The divine physicians (Rg. Veda); the number two (Rg. Veda); a constellation (V's B. Sambita).BoyHindu
Asvin1. Mounted on horseback; with horses; cavalier. 2. The collective name of the divine physicians - the twin sons of Surya and sanjna, Satya and Dasra, and parents of Nakula and Sahadeva (M. Bh.).BoyHindu
Asvatara1. A better horse. 2. A swifter, stronger horse chief of the nagas (S. purana); a scared pond in Prayaga (M. Bh.). 3. A gandharva (H. purana).BoyHindu
AsvaryaNot ordinary; marvellous; extraordinary; miraculous; surprising; prodigal.GirlHindu
AsvajitHorses by conquest gaining.BoyHindu
Asoka1. Without sorrow; blossom of the Asoka tree (Saraca indica). 2. A king of pataliputra (M. Bh.);BoyHindu
Asmita1. Rock born. 2. Very hard; tough; strong.GirlHindu
Asma1. Hard as stone; a cloud. 2. The firmament; strong yet subtle. 3. A sage (Rg. Veda).GirlHindu
Aryamancompanion; playfellow; the sun.BoyHindu
Asistha1. Very quick. 2. fast; swift; agile; active.GirlHindu
Arya1. Honoured; noble; master. 2. Kind; auspicious; attached; devoted; dear; excellent; respectable; faithful; worthy; wise and masterly.BoyHindu
ArvindraLord of horses; lord of wheels; lord of priests.BoyHindu
Arunaditya1. The crimson sun. 2. one of the 12 forms of the sun.BoyHindu
Aruna1. Red; gold; saffron; tawny; ruddy. 2. dawn personified as the charioteer of the sun.BoyHindu
Arka1. Rays; flash of lightining; the sun; fire. 2. crystal; praise; hymn; song; a learned man; an elder brother. 3. another name for Indra; the Red Sandalwood tree (pterocarpus satalinus).GirlHindu
ArjunaMade of silver; Peacock; the tree Tenninalia Arjuna; the white Murdah tree (Terminalia Critina); white; clear; bright; the colour of day; lightning; milk; dawn.BoyHindu
Arijit1. Conquering enemies. 2. A son of Krsna and Subhadra (Bhagavata).BoyHindu
Arci1. Ray; flame; one who offers prayers; to whom the prayers are offered. 2. One of the 12 adityas (K. Brahmana).GirlHindu
Aravind1. Lotus (Nelumbium Speciosum). 2. Fragrant; beautiful; auspicious; dear to the gods.BoyHindu

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