Baby Development: Physical Development of a 6 Months Old Baby

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
Baby Development:  Physical Development of a 6 Months Old Baby

Physical development of a 6 months old baby - The physical developments that take place in a 6 months old baby are indicators of permanent attributes that the child will retain for life. Make sure that you are well prepared to see your 6 months ol

Vatsal Anand
Newborn CareWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Apr 12, 2011

A 6Six months old baby months old baby can sit up by himself and his reach and grip are becoming better and better with each passing week. You are beginning to enjoy your little one’s new amusing antics and look forward to his further development as the hard part of parenting is over. The rapid physical development of a 6 months old baby can be monitored and encouraged.

You are likely to find the following developments in your 6 months old baby:


  • Rolling from tummy to back and vice-versa, and sitting up without help.
  • Clutching or grasping of little objects.
  • The first teeth are starting to show or will show shortly. 
  • The permanent eye colour has taken effect. It can be brown, green or blue throughout life.
  • In general much more energy in their activities and practice of new abilities.


Dr. Segal, author of the book, Your Child at Play, has given some tips on the physical development of a 6 months old baby. These are aimed at better development of the child’s skills.


  • Ride the baby on your shoulders while firmly gripping his thighs. This helps him develop balance and control of his body, besides the amusement of looking at things from the altered perspective.
  • Try to make the baby crawl by putting him on the floor. Play around with him there if he resists it.
  • String together a few obstructions on the floor where the baby is being made to crawl. Textured pillows are most suitable for it. This helps him develop coordination in his crawls.
  • Roll a ball back and forth to your baby while he sits in the lap of another adult.
  • To improve the baby’s dexterity with fingers, give him bits of food items to pick up at meal times.


You should always guard against getting too anxious about your baby’s growth. Development of a baby at 6 months should reach certain milestones but even though some are not reached, it is not something to lose your sleep over. Each baby develops at his own pace. Follow the tips for a 6 months old baby’s development and more than anything else, enjoy the parenting experience.




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