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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypothyroidism

Updated at: Sep 15, 2011
Written by: Dipti AshtikarPublished at: Aug 23, 2011
Ayurvedic Treatment For Hypothyroidism

Ayurveda for Hypothyroidism - Get some Ayurvedic tips for treatment of hypothyroidism with lifestyle changes and medications. It is important that you treat this condition on time as it can cause severe health complications otherwise.

Ayurveda therapyThe thyroid gland, as you all know, is an important gland for our body since it produces vital hormones that help our body function better. Some of the vital functions performed by this gland are the controlling of usage of energy by our body, making proteins for the functioning of the body and regulating the metabolism rate, to name a few.

Hypothyroidism is when there is a deficiency of the thyroid hormones in our body – a condition where the thyroid gland cannot produce sufficient thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism mustn’t be taken lightly and hence it is necessary to get the condition treated as soon as possible. One of the treatments is the ayurvedic treatment for hypothyroidism. Let us look into this alternative medicine treatment in detail.

People suffering from hypothyroidism suffer from fatigue and hormonal imbalance. They need to concentrate on their diet and also need to ensure that they take their medications on time, if they want to get themselves completely cured. Ayurveda also states the following –

  • People suffering from hypothyroidism must consume milk.
  • These people are also asked to eat some specific vegetables like cucumber in large quantities to assist in treating hypothyroidism.
  • Pulses like moong dal and Bengal gram help in treating hypothyroidism.
  • Consume rice and barley.
  • Yoga helps in stabilising the thyroid gland. Various asanas such as the sarvangasan and the suryanamaskar help the thyroid gland secret sufficient thyroid hormones.
  • Pranayam helps the thyroid gland in producing more of thyroid hormones.
  • Numerous herbs like the gokshura, brahmi, jatamansi and punarvana are used in ayurvedic treatment for hypothyroidism.
  • Hypothyroidism is caused due to the deficiency of iodine. Including foods that are high in iodine will help reduce the condition.
  • Mahayograj guggulu and ashwagandha are also used to treat this condition with ayurvedic treatment for hyporthyroidism.

With proper treatment and with regular exercises along with a proper diet can help the people suffering from hypothyroidism get well soon. Remember your thyroid gland is very important for you to have a healthy long life. This condition is most common and thankfully there are several treatments available for the same. However, it is necessary that this condition must be treated in time since the failure of treating this problem may lead to other severe health complications for the person.

Do remember to take good care of yourselves in order to get good results of your treatment. Believe in your treatment and do all that your doctors ask you to do so that you can live a very happy and a healthy life for a long time to come.

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