Ayurveda Tips for Winters

Updated at: Sep 16, 2011
Ayurveda Tips for Winters

Ayurveda Tips for Winters - Get some Ayurveda tips for keeping the problems of winter such as dryness, appetite upsets, hypthermia and others at bay. You need extra care for your skin during winters and there are some good ways of doing it in Ayur

Eesha Duggal
AyurvedaWritten by: Eesha DuggalPublished at: Jun 28, 2011

Woman Applying a cream Amidst the chill and frequent coffee sessions, we just cannot miss out the fact that winters demand extra care of health. Dryness does really take a toll on health; though if you opt for ayurveda in winters, many of the health complaints can be dealt with in a smooth manner.

Without a doubt, winters require alternations in almost every health facet. Let’s have a look at some the ayurveda tips for winters that can defend you this chilly season.


Pamper your Skin


Hot water bath is a big no, no in winters for it leaves the skin dry and cracked. Use lukewarm water instead. Abhayanga massage is a popular oil massage in Ayurveda that one must take before moving in for a shower in winters. You can opt for coconut, seasame, almond or any herbal oil for this massage.

Ayurveda suggests an easy substitute for soaps. Mix milk with flour or ghee with some gram flour and these will perfectly serve for a rejuvenating bath.

Get to know your skin type in order to go for the best choice for your skin. For instance, vata dry skin demands nourishment by brahmi, amla and ashwagandha whereas kalpa oily skin prefers herbs such as neem, triphala, manjishtha, turmeric and Tulsi. On the other hand, the pitta sensitive skin calls for the touch of aloe vera and white sandalwood.


Prevent Cough and Cold

To stay away from the nagging winter cold and embarrassing cough that does not stop, resort to healthy diet and workout plan on a routine basis. You can celebrate the fact that fats and oils are good choices in winters so there is no need to resist sweets, salty and sour temptations this time around! Also, consume kidney beans, wheat, rice, black beans and honey.

It is pretty understandable to be exceedingly excited about the freedom that you get for consuming fats and milky stuff, but eexercising almost 3 days a week is equally stressed upon. Besides this, washing hands frequently is imperative.



If body temperature drops down to 95 degree Fahrenheit or less, it leads to hypothermia. An ayurveda tip for winters suggests staying indoors near a fire place, wearing warm clothes and drinking a lot of warm water. Bathing with hot water or consuming alcoholic beverages is not a good idea.



To prevent chilblain and in more severe cases frostbite, ayurvedic health tips for winters recommend keeping your hands, feet, face, and nose warm. You can also wrap the affected area with some warm cloth. Rubbing is something you must never do. Keeping it warm is the best thing.


Winter Blues

In some, winter upsets appetite, in others it triggers over eating and a desire to munch. Mild depression and irritability are common signs. So you have to restrain yourself more than you ever need to. Go out in the sun and soak it up for some time. Prefer being in a room which is well-lighted.

In conclusion, winters is the season of getting comfy in bed and resting indoors and simply keeping yourself warm. Some of the ayurveda for winter tips can be your great guide in handling the dryness of this season and will also help you keep depression at bay.


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