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Bend your fingers inwards and place your thumbs over the ring fingers. Do this with each hand. Do as needed or three times a day for 15 minutes.

Vineeta Gogia
AyurvedaWritten by: Vineeta GogiaPublished at: Sep 17, 2010

Stay light, feel good: Get rid of Constipation

Bend your fingers inwards and place your thumbs over the ring fingers. Do this with each hand. Do as needed or three times a day for 15 minutes. This mudra activates the liver and stomach energy, promotes digestion, and helps cure constipation.


Constipation is caused by insufficient water intake, lack of exercises, heavy meat eating and numerous other factors. Constipation may create distension and discomfort, flatulence and pain, headaches and bad breath, and may lead to absorption of toxins from the colon.




One of the best ways to prevent constipation is to stay away from cold food and drinks, dried fruits, salads, and mostly beans; favour warm foods, warm drinks, and well-cooked vegetables. Some oil in the diet is helpful.


Probably the best Ayurvedic remedy for constipation is triphala, a combination of three herbs beneficial for all doshic types. Most problems with constipation can be corrected by taking ½ to 1 teaspoon of triphala at night. Steep the herbs in cup of hot water for 5- 10 minutes and drink.
Some people find that taking triphala at night creates a diuretic action and they have to get up several times to urinate. If that happens to you, you can steep triphala in cup of warm water at night and drink it in the morning.

Here are some further recommendations to help relieve constipation.



Many varieties of fruit can help remedy constipation. So in between meals, eat some fruit. A banana, for example, is a mild laxative. Two ripe yellow bananas, taken between meals, will help to relieve constipation. Never take bananas with other foods.



Apples are effective both to help regularize the bowels and cleans the tongue and teeth.  A  raw apple about an hour after a meal is also good. You can also take pineapple  juice, rasins and peaches.



Fibres in the diet, such as wheat bran, oatmeal, or oat bran, will help keep the bowls regular. Don't forget to  eat fresh fruit and vegetables  grains too.



Give the child 3 figs soaked in warm water.



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