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Attract love with Feng Shui this Valentine's Day

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 13, 2017
Attract love with Feng Shui this Valentine's Day

It so happens that after marriage, couples lose interest in each other, they don’t feel the same love anymore. Feng Shui can bring back the lost love in your marriage.

It is said that emotions are temporary. If you are happy now, does not mean that you will be happy for rest of your days. If you are feeling sad, you won’t be sad tomorrow. Similarly, love is an emotion that fades away over a period of time. Yes, it is true that although love is eternal but there are times when love vanishes. Love fades, the person you loved with all your heart will stop showing the signs of affection, they lose feelings for you and you won’t know why. And then there will be times when you lose feelings for the person you are in a relationship with, you don’t enjoy their presence like you used to.



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It so happens that after marriage, couples lose interest in each other, they don’t feel the same love anymore. What if we tell you that there are ways to rekindle the lost love in your marriage? Yes, Feng Shui experts suggest that certain Feng Shui tips can bring back the lost love in a marriage or in a relationship.

If you too are going through some rough patches in your love life, try these Feng Shui tips to resurrect your love.




Get a good bed

A good bed gives you sound sleep and a sense of comfort. Sense of comfort is the first thing that will bring you mental followed by a physical health, promoting sex drive. A great bed is the first key to a great sex life along with overall health. A bed that is cozy, clean and comfortable can do wonders to your sleep, overall health and sex life.

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Get rid of extra pillows or stuffed animals

Feng Shui consultants advice to get rid of extra stuffed animals or toys and extra pillows from bed because stuff toys and extra pillows leaves no or less room for on the bed. As per consultants, there should be ample space on bed for you and your partner.

Color your walls

Instead of plain black or plain white color, you must go for color that strikes a balance of love and sexual energy. Go for pink, it represents love, go for maroon, red and other colors that represent joy, happiness and romance.

Remove television from bedroom

Television can distract you from bedroom romance and good sleep. Instead of television, pay attention to your loved one, talk to them. You might not be aware of the fact but researches reveal that talking right before sleeping can promote good marital life along with a peaceful sleep.


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Remove mirrors facing the bed

Experts mentioned that having mirrors facing the bed can bring the energy of third entity into your intimate relationship.  



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