Asthma Myths and Facts

Updated at: Apr 20, 2012
Asthma Myths and Facts

Asthma Myths and Facts: There are various presumptions and myths concerning asthma that needs to be uncovered.

Himanshu Sharma
AsthmaWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Apr 13, 2012

Asthma Myths and Facts

Several myths have been associated with asthma, its signs, its prevention and treatment. Asthma is usually treated as light health condition, although it is a life-threatening condition wherein a severe acute attack could block respiratory airway that might lead to death.

Asthma Myths and Facts

1.    Medication

Preconceived notion linked with asthma is irrelevance of medication. However, medication is quite necessary. Besides medication, experts recommend aid of a rescue inhaler or nebulizer during an asthma attack. These aids will open respiratory airways. Thereafter, one needs to maintain responsive communication with an expert looking after your treatment. Moreover, persistent asthmatic condition requires inhaled steroid regularly.

2.    Safety of Steroids

Most of people perceive that steroids used in inhalers for asthma are unsafe, and are the ones used by athletes. The fact is that steroid dosage is safe if prescription is adhered. Asthma patients are prescribed with minimal dosage that do not effect on growth, metabolism or other organs.

3.    Home Remedies

Some home remedies are also linked with asthma like breathing in steam vapours render similar functions as rescue inhaler. Turning on steam could make your airways go into more spasm, therefore raising more concerns. So, patients must comply with directions of physician rather than going for such remedies.

4.    Emotional Syndrome

Asthma is also referred to as emotional syndrome despite any connection with emotions. However, emotional conditions like stress, crying, yelling or laughing hard can trigger asthma attack.

5.    Playing with Asthma

It is believed that one with asthma cannot participate in sports and games. On the contrary, an appropriate medicine plan is all you need for participation in sports and games.

6.    Inhaled Medicine

Inhaled medications are usually considered unsafe. Opposite to the notion, inhaled medications such as corticosteroids are the safest and most effective medication for asthma patients. Asthma medications became threatening only when prescription and recommendations of expert are not followed.

7.    Cure

Cure of asthma is another presumption, as cure for asthma has not been found despite medical advancements. Asthma control is the only cure, which reduces symptoms over a time period.

8.    Infectious Nature

Asthma cannot be caught from another person, as the malady is not infectious.

9.    During Pregnancy

Asthma inhalers are completely safe for pregnant woman. Women with asthma have best chance of having a healthy baby if they use inhalers as prescribed. Moreover, breastfeeding mothers can take inhalers without rendering any harm to the child.


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