Aromatherapy is magic for your skin

Updated at: Aug 09, 2010
Aromatherapy is magic for your skin

Few people know that aromatherapy skin care is another part of holistic treatment. It is very popular among women because it gives glowing skin and beautiful hair.

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Few people know that aromatherapy skin care is another part of holistic treatment. It is very popular among women because it gives glowing skin and beautiful hair. There are some outstanding benefits of aromatherapy but before using this therapy you must know some basic facts about your skin. Nowadays, many skin and hair care products have made their way into the Indian market that have essential oils and have many benefits but should be used according to skin types. Using aromatherapy for skin and hair care enhances your beauty to great levels," says Dr. Naresh Arora, Aromatherapy expert, Chase Aroma Cosmetics and Skin Care Institute.


It's very important to recognise your skin and hair type. Each plant's essential oils provide a number of different therapeutic benefits so knowing about your skin and hair will help you match up your needs with the appropriate ingredients.


Skin types


"Most of the women suffer from the problem of dry skin. This type of skin is very annoying and can't be tolerated easily. There are many simple solutions for dry skin, instance, just moisturise it with suitable moisturiser. Also you can use aromatherapy to treat dry skin. Just add carrier oil into suitable essential oil according to your skin type. You can massage this mixture to dry skin areas of your skin. As long as the skin remains dry you can use this mixture. For treatment of normal or average skin you can use lavender, rose or chamomile essential oils. For sensitive or dry skin you can use chamomile oil it is very beneficial for dry skin. Also chamomile is beneficial for skin predisposed to eczema or acne. Tee tree and cajuput oils are very beneficial in the treatment of mild acne. Vital oils like grape seed and high-quality carrier oil mixture also provide an effective treatment of acne," explains Dr. Naresh Arora.


Essential oil benefits


"You will be amazed to know how many different oils can help soothe aging, injured or dry skin. The appropriate aromatherapy skin care treatment can help reduce the fine lines from aging or ease the pain from a bug bite or bee sting.


The oils used in aromatherapy skin care are absorbed into the skin and eventually into the bloodstream where they flow through entire body where they continue to have effects for hours. Palmarosa oils are commonly used in both skin and hair care products.


These oils have moisturising and hydrating qualities and they stimulate cell regeneration. When excess exposure to the sun is a problem, massage affected areas with lavender or chamomile oils blended with carrier oil," says Dr. Naresh Arora.




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