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Are you Ready for Marriage?

Dating By Editorial Team , Jagran Cityplus / Nov 20, 2012
Are you Ready for Marriage?

It is a ballgame that takes two to tango. Marriage is a commitment for life. So, if you are thinking or even day-dreaming of the D-Day, take this quiz and check out if you are ready to tie the knot or not.

Are you Ready for Marriage

It is a ballgame that takes two to tango. Marriage is a commitment for life. So, if you are thinking or even day-dreaming of the D-Day, take this quiz and check out if you are ready to tie the knot or not.


1. When your friends talk about getting married soon, you:


a) Think they are nuts

b) Run for miles.

c) Listen with interest.

d) Agree with them wholeheartedly.


2. When you meet a new person of the opposite sex, you:


a) Size them up for a potential relationship.

b) Start imagining a whole life with them.

c) Look them up for sex appeal.

d) Check them out for a fling.


3. Marriage to you means:


a) A trap!

b) A prison.

c) Spending your life with someone you love.

d) A necessary evil, without which your life would be incomplete.


4. Till yet, around you, married people are:


a) Your close friends.

b) Everyone.

c) Other people, whom you don't know well.

d) You don't know, all your friends are single.


5. Till, yet, you can say that you have had:


a) One committed relationship in your life.

b) Loads of flings.

c) Very few serious relationships.

d) A few relationships, but no one to settle down with.


6. Your family considers you:


a) Absolutely ready for marriage.

b) A rebel who does not listen to them.

c) Someone who needs a little tactful direction.

d) An adult who can make his/her own decisions.


7. Your ideal mate is:


a) Someone who does not pressurize you into commitment.

b) Someone fun to be with.

c) Someone whom you can love and trust.

d) Someone whom you look up to and need.


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8. At weddings, you generally:


a) Enjoy yourself and take in the good points of the wedding.

b) Look around for potential partners.

c) Sulk

d) Endure them, because there is no other choice.


9. Everytime, the topic of marriage comes up, you:


a) Get nervous.

b) Discuss it, like you would anything else.

c) Enjoy the discussion thoroughly.

d) Get irritable.


10. In ten years from now, you see yourself:


a) On the top of the career ladder.

b) Globetrotting with just a backpack for company.

c) Living a happy and fulfilling life.

d) Married with a few children.  


Desperate Measures:140 points and above: You feel that marriage and commitment are an important aspect of life. This could be due to social conditioning or just plain loneliness. Don't stress so much importance on marriage, even though it means so much to you. Instead focus on the here and now and the present. Marriage will happen, when it has to happen at the right time only. So take it easy till then. 


Ready to Commit:  between 70 and 140 points: You are not really looking at marriage per se as the be all and end all of life. Instead you are looking for a committed relationship, which if it results in marriage would also be okay with you. You are emotionally ready for marriage and all it entails, maybe it's just a matter of finding the right person now. But, you are in no hurry and that's the way it should be.


Away from the Altar:  between 35 and 70 points: You have too many other things happening in your life, to even think of marriage. Right now, you would rather concentrate on a lot of other stuff, rather than imagine yourself in a lifelong relationship. Perhaps you are on the threshold of a new career or an exciting life, and at such times it is better to defer something as important as marriage till you are mentally ready for it. So, no sweat, fulfill your goals before you even step in that direction. 


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Commitment Phobic:  below 35 points: You are terrified of making any sort of commitment. In fact, forget about marriage, which is a long way off, even a normal romantic relationship is too much for you to handle. Maybe you are at an age and stage in life, when you need to explore the world and take on other challenges. Our advice: Don't let this stop you from finding the person of your dreams, in case you do come across them early in life.


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