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Are you pushing your kids too hard

Updated at: Jan 05, 2013
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Written by: Mansi KohliPublished at: Jan 05, 2013
Are you pushing your kids too hard

All of us want our kids to be born with CEO brains or superstar ability, but while doing so what we forget is how much is too much? You must give child enough freedom to flock his wings the way he or she wants to do it.

pressure on kidsLet’s admit the fact, all of us want our kids to be born with CEO brains or superstar ability, however in this ever-longing pursuit of perfection, we tend to somehow forget that there is a thin line between pushing our kids in this direction and compelling them.

Somehow, pretty much everyone wants their kids to be the best in whatever fields they choose and attain faultlessness and excellence almost from babyhood. Meanwhile, what we do forget is how much is too much while pushing our kids and should we be pushing at all?

In more ways than one, if not knowingly but subconsciously, the elements of control involved in upbringing our child might touch extreme levels of aspiration. Pasting one’s own zeal, likes or dislikes and disgruntled dreams upon one’s child, needs constant introspection and check.

Here are some of the ways how one can stop reasoning with his or her own child on regular basis, giving child enough freedom to flock his wings the way he or she wants to do it:


Acknowledge yourself first and then acknowledge your child


Being aware of what one is, will go a long way in accepting one’s child. The key is to embrace your child with his or her negativities, even if he or she is aggressive, under- confident, rude, non-sports loving and so on. It is always advisable to shower one’s love and affection through loads of hugs and kisses. It’ll help in politely encouraging child to improve for the better.


Leave aside ‘who is the boss here?’ attitude


Things would become so much smoother if we would simply manage to live our lives, the way we preach to our kids. Psychologists suggest that it is all about giving our kids a chance, which will help them in encapsulating their energies in a positive direction and would let them to do a lot of things we do for them on their own or maybe better.


When there’s a wall of opposition

This can include stuff ranging from over food and clothes choices to completing daily activities. What one must understand is how to figure out different kind of resistance and how extreme they are. Understanding the fact it is just a fad or something which they pose real resistance to, may help in a long way to uproot resistance. Threatening kid to withhold a privilege or something of that sort, is not the best approach while dealing with kids. One must remember that it’ll happen when it’s meant to as too much of indulgence can lead to cruel consequences such as low self-esteem and so on.


Boost self-confidence


Believing in one’s kid will help one go a long way in bringing up his or her self-esteem. Being too pushy on kids or imposing oneself entirely on one’s kid may give a blow to his or her innate ability. Just instill in kids, the right morality to choose what is wrong and what is right, which will help in pumping their self-confidence to great heights.


Avoid following excessive time-table routines


Kids nowadays are burdened with rocket-science mammoth tasks. Right from finishing their breakfast to completing tuition homework, they all have closely programmed timetables. Psychologists recommend that parents should not take away the charm of being a kid from their little ones. We can’t do this while posing boundaries on every step they take. They should be indulged in recreational activities of all sorts to the extent that they have ample time in hand to stay carefree and are able to experiment with odds and ends in the house.

Franklin P. Jones once said, “You can learn many things from children- how much patience you have, for instance.” So, just remember to show patience and they shall grow up just fine.

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