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Are you orally healthy

Are you orally healthy

An obvious concern haunts many assuring oral safety is beyond  our naked eyes and conscience to vision and fathom respectively. The condition of orthodontics cannot be guaranteed without proper diagnosis by a dentist.


oral health


Evading problems like Gum Bleeding, Bad Breath and Minimal Cavity provides a comfort feeling to an individual making room for a false ideation about them being orally healthy. But is that so??... The answer is no… Sometimes unhealthy and camouflaged state of oral problems does not occur to our vision till the time they are diagnosed from the scratch. But what looks on the surface may not be the case.. Due to tight schedules and hectic work life…   one may not be able to succumb to the same but should mandate and include it in their to-do list pertaining to health.

 Our mouth is a gateway to our body. It highly necessitates   adequate care to keep it sanitised. If not, then our oral health is prone to face plethora of problems in the near future, commencing from the disruption in the pH Level of the mouth to complete cavity cover. A lower pH level in the mouth could lead to bacteria formation making the teeth and gums susceptible to infection along with bad breath.

Our  immune system comes to rescue by attacking the infection which ultimately leads to inflammation of the gums. This inflammation will continue to increase unless it is brought under control. With added time, this inflammation along with the chemicals it releases , corrodes the enamel leading to a form of severe gum disease known as ‘Periodontitis’.  Loss of tooth and tooth decay are the most major and common consequences of ignoring oral health. General health could also be impacted majorly since everything ultimately enters the bloodstream.

Bacterial formation in the mouth can give birth to innumerable problems. The condition referred to in the previous paragraph, ‘Periodontitis’, is itself linked to several other complications such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Osteoporosis, Heart diseases etc. Another prevailing condition known as ‘Infective Endocarditis’ which is one such example of acute infection caused due to pathogens present in the mouth.


It refers to the inflammation of the inner tissues of heart caused by infectious agents, which are usually bacterial in nature ,present in the mouth.


It is extremely important  people to be keep an eye or be considerate about  the pH Levels of the mouth so as to prevent growth of microscopic organisms. It is believed that a pH level of below 5.5 could lead to Acid formation in the mouth. Our lifestyle or eating habits to be specific also highly contribute to the imbalance in the level of Alkaline.


Edibles like sugar, sweeteners and soda diminishes  the pH level of the mouth which leads to acidic oral environment , which  in turn results invites and propagates  bacterial dynasty . This mushrooming of bacteria  makes room for further atrocities affecting the dissolution of the enamel, causing  teeth sensitivity.


Consuming eatables which are catastrophic to one’s mouth, the hazards of which could be combatted by sanitising and cleansing your teeth post consumption. Inhibition of a healthy diet bit such as consuming green ,organic  leafy vegetables could turn out to be one of the significant contributors for impeccable oral health. Other factors contributing to the pink of the oral health  is chewing the food a considerable  number of times and the technique of brushing and flossing.


Drinking a lot of water is also very essential. Being regular for check-ups could also be beneficial to nip a disease or an infection in the bud and curb it at a nascent stage.

It is believed that digestion starts from the mouth, so yes oral health and general health does go hand-in-hand. If enough care is not being taken to be orally healthy, rest assured that your general health could also suffer alongside. Starting with the longevity of teeth along with density of bone could deteriorate if one continues to enjoy those aeriated drinks.

For eg, poor oral hygiene could be a big contributor for loss of teeth in adults. Due to this, chewing food becomes a big problem which could further lead to indigestion in the stomach.

One could  face complications in the gastro-intestinal tract if a ‘bolus’ is not formed in the mouth with the help of saliva before swallowing it down. Also Oral bacteria present can directly affect the heart since it can enter your bloodstream for circulation.


It is also mandatory for the dentist to certify that a person is orally healthy before any doctor can perform a surgery so as to ensure that the bacteria/infection present does not complicate the condition of the patient further by slipping into the bloodstream.

Having a good Oral Environment plays a very crucial role for keeping healthy overall. As we have seen both are linked. It is imperative that one must take care of their overall health in order to avoid breakdown of normal functioning of the body.


Mouth is considered to be a window to the health of your body, so it is highly desideratum to keep the windows sanitised and clean for the benefaction of the complete torso.


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Dr.Karishma Jaradi
Specialization: Apr 29, 2016

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