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Are you Fasting with Anna?

Exercise & Fitness By Sharanya Manola , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 18, 2011
Are you Fasting with Anna?

Kisan Baburao Hazare or Anna’s (elder brother) fast unto death is gaining momentum and people swarming the streets. But, how many of you are actually fasting with him?

Kisan Baburao Hazare's or Anna’s (anna which means elder brother) fast unto death is gaining momentum and people swarming the streets. But, how many of you are actually fasting with him. Have you taken leave from work, yet to join him in the cause. Thought of missing classes to walk the silent talk with your friends for candle light vigil? A yes and a no are simple answers. A few more to give you some food for thought.

Is he a real Gandhian?

In an interview with Midday, Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi said that Anna’s non-violent approach does make him a Gandhian but “bapu never fasted against an opponent. Rather, it was used to lead a friend to the right path. Anna’s is more of an adversarial protest. It is to defeat someone rather than reform them. Bapu never accorded importance to emerging victorious; his aim was always the dawning of realisation. That is the big difference.”          

Why did you join the candle light vigil?

A college student said, “We are the youth of the country. We must fight against corruption. Anna is fasting for us and we must for this nation. I am with Anna. All this slogan hurling and government lashing will not come to rest. I went to tihar too. The slogans pepped the people because anna’s cause needs support.”

Do you really believe in his cause?

As far as my personal experience goes, my colleague is disenchanted with this nationwide unrest. She fumed and said, “Do people know who Irom Sharmila is? This lady has been in hospital bed for a decade in Manipur far away from the media glare. Is she not being talked about because she is on the periphery of political nerve centre of the country?  Yes, she is internationally recognized for her indefinite fast but she has failed to capture the attention of burgeoning middle class. People have nothing to do and protests have become a cult. You do it and I follow it or lets just do it kind of an approach.”

Are your friends with you?

Some are not interested because they think it’s a waste of time. Its another holiday for them because no one wants to step out and get stuck in traffic jam. While there are those who don’t think Anna’s approach isn’t any good.

Are we ready yet?

Is he the modern day Gandhi with only one twist of threatening the government with his demands. Is revolution only about catching media’s attention even before reaching out to people with a defined motive? Is it herd following? Is it what you want India to rid herself of? What I see is that there’s a definite difference between fasting for Anna and fasting with anna against corruption. Hope you make a choice albeit an informed choice.

PS: I have managed to live another day without fasting for this crusade or without bribing someone to let me live. Did you survive too?


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