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Are Relationship Rules Changing in India?

Dating By Bushra Kafeel , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 06, 2012
Are Relationship Rules Changing in India?

Relationship Help- Do you think that relationship rules are changing in India?

Are relationship rules changing in india

Relationship rules are changing by a great leap in India. Relationships, today, no longer see age as a barrier. In fact, all is based on whether two individuals of the opposite sex connect or not irrespective of age or social background. For men and women of the 21st century, age cease to play an important part in relationships.

Following the footprints of the western countries, India is also witnessing its share of cougar women. According to Linda Franklin, author of "Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am. The Real Cougar Woman Handbook”, "a cougar women is independent, smart and confident; she is not defined by her age".

The onset of cougar women, however, is debatable. While some consider 40 to be the age while  others feel that such women can be as young as 35. Majority of people consider a ten year age difference as acceptable between the partners.

It is often seen that women marry their former students, who happen to be way younger to them and when it comes to dating, men love to date older women.


Why are Men Attracted to Older Women


According to psycho-analytic view, younger men are more attracted to older women than women younger to them or their age is because they like to be with someone, who resemble their mother in the form of care, responsibility or mental state of mind. Furthermore, mature and successful women are appeal more to young men. Therefore, young men are more attracted towards older women than those their age or younger. 

According to a study by Cosmo, nearly 30 percent of younger men wish to date older women. There have been incidents when young men (such as trainee) have run away with their senior girlfriends.

In a relationship between a young man and an older woman, the man is usually seen to have got a woman, who is caring and compromising by nature. Experts opine that it is the fear of insecurity in a relationship that drives younger men to older women.

Young men love to be pampered; what connects them to older women is the older women's characteristics of being understanding, compassionate and caring. This ideal situaiton makes it is a win-win situation for the young guys.

Sometimes, young guys are attracted to older women because they are eager to have sex and older women have already experienced it.


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