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Are Friends Ruining your Relationship?

Dating By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 25, 2013
Are Friends Ruining your Relationship?

If a friend doesn’t help your relationship cruise, it’s not a friendship worth keeping. Know if you have foes among your friends who are ruining your relationship.

Your friends may be trustworthy and a gang of crazy people you would fight the world for, but what if being with them is costing your relationship?

Are Friends Ruining your RelationshipFriends do tend to mess with your bliss, ironically, just when things seems to fall in place. They certainly have a pivotal role in making or breaking your relation.

For example, you are happy to be in a new relationship, but suddenly your friends step in to plant doubts in your head about the relationship. There could be a case where a friend first sets you up and later coaxes you to believe that you are being cheated. In another case, your best friend may unknowingly mess up your relationship.


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Have any of your friends tried to ruin your relationship? To know if your friends are ruining your relationship, watch for these signs.

  • Talking bad of your beloved: Friends of yours who constantly say that your partner is not good enough are the ones ruining your relationship. It is your choice of whom to go out with and not theirs. They will attempt to turn the perfect partner into an obnoxious one. If you begin to wonder that you have made the wrong choice, they have played their mind game with perfection.


  • Always try to show you the worst side of the affair: Bad advices will be pouring on you to break-up with your new found love for the silliest of reasons. Ignore the company of those friends who only suggest that you ‘break up’.


  • Flirt with you/your lover: Friends who flirt with your partner behind your back are worse than foes. They will try to put you down and make attempts to talk to your lover when you are not around. They might not be flirting, but creating a dividing line between you and your lover. On the other hand, if your friends of the opposite sex hit on you or try to flirt with you, keep away.


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  • Treat your lover with disrespect: When your friends disrespect your date or try to ignore him/her while hanging out together, it is time to choose between friends and your lover.


  • Make you ignore your lover when he/she around: Those who bring up topics that your date is not aware of, keep you occupied or try to split both of you into separate conversations are not your friends, better call them spoilers. They will constantly try to engross you in another conversation pulling you away from your partner.


  • Attention seeking: Friends who constantly want your attention, without considering that your partner needs time too are not worth spending much time with. He/she may be aware of the fact that you’re hanging out with your date, but still keep disturbing the meeting. They will whine about how much time you spend with your partner all day.


  • Talk ill of you to the lover: If not your lover, they will treat you with disrespect when you are with him/her. Friends are the ones who help you win a lover over, not make you look bad in front of them. It is their jealousy and annoyance to put you down in front of your date. Real friends are never jealous!


  • Bring up past relationship just to have a laugh: Past relationships are a sensitive issue and it is uncalled for when you are with your lover. They have been around you and nothing is hidden from them. They will reveal your amorous secrets, to rouse doubts in your partner’s mind.


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There could be two scenarios in which friends will become foes to dent your relationship – just for fun and absentmindedly. To hold on to your relationship, you better be watchful of how your friends behave in front of you.

If your friends are trying to sabotage your love live, you should do something to interrupt their attempts and keep away.


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