Appropriate Punishments for Unruly Teens

Updated at: Jul 11, 2012
Appropriate Punishments for Unruly Teens

Punishisment for your Teens: You must know the rules of parenting and ne important part of it is on dealing with an unruly teen. Read about how you can appropriately punsih your children without making them more rebellious.

Sharanya Manola
Tips for ParentWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Jul 09, 2012

Appropriate Punishments for Unruly Teens

You could prick your teenage daughter/son if you punish them with cane. After all they are young adults and want to have their say in whatever they do. Gone are the days when kids wouldn’t raise voice against their parents if you resort to violent means.

As a responsible parent you must reprimand your teenager intelligently. Show some seriousness yet at the same time your concern and love. Your child must not comprehend your actions as cruel because the ultimate goal of punishment should be of giving them a lesson without leaving a sour taste about the situation.

Positive Reinforcement

You must make it clear that only on a certain ground would they be allowed to do what they want to do. It is difficult to handle teenagers to handle but an appropriate way of dealing with them comes handy. So for instance outline your expectation (don’t impose it though) when assigning a task (such as cleaning the room or doing laundry). If they refuse to do it you must carry out what consequence they were warned of. However, rule out the cane formula. And, if they do the assigned chore you must likewise reward them with, maybe, some more freedom. This would motivate a sense of growth.

Limit Technology Access

As a means of making your child understand what they did was wrong, you could remove computer or TV from their room. You could also limit the usage and change the password if you think this would help. As a matter of fact you may also take away their video games and mobile phone.

Deny Allowance

Money does play a significant role when it comes to punishing your teen. Denying allowance altogether restricts their freedom to spend money the way they want. A defiant behavior can be checked by denying allowance to your unruly teen. But, if they’re behaving and cooperating with you could as well give them a bonus in recognition of their changed attitude.

Be there for your Teen

A troubled teen is at times craving for attention of the parent. So, you must give it a thought and shower all the love and care that a parent must. The last thing that you would want to witness is your child bottling her/his feelings and show signs of stress and depression in the worst case scenario.

Restrict their Social times

If your teen has been behaving contrary to your expectations then restrict their social time. Tell them that no friends must come visiting over even to hang out unless and until they finish their homework on time. Your teen would delightfully do the entire chore and will not give you a reason to complain. Of course, because they love their play time!

By all means we sincerely hope you raise your teen the way you were. With love and affection.


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