An Apple a Day Keeps Fatness Away

Updated at: Oct 01, 2014
An Apple a Day Keeps Fatness Away

An apple a day just doesn't keep the doctor away but obesity too. Researchers have found the humble Grammy Smith variety of apples to be helpful in warding off obesity-related diseases.

Ariba Khaliq
LatestWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Oct 01, 2014

Remember how we were taught that apples could keep the doctor away; well, it seems like it can keep obesity away too. Research has found the humble Grammy Smith variety of apples to be helpful in warding off obesity-related diseases.

Health Benefits of AppleExperts have previously stated that apples can keep us feeling fuller for longer. They also promote levels of healthy stomach bacteria. Now, the research team, led by Giuliana Noratto of the School of Food Science at Washington State, has discovered that a few varieties of apples like the Grammy Smith can be a good source of these non-digestible compounds. The tart green Granny Smith apples help the growth of useful bacteria in the gut because of their richness in dietary fibre and polyphenols and low content of carbohydrates.

These compounds are subjected to chewing, stomach acid and digestive enzymes but they remain intact until they reach the colon. Once they reach there, bacteria in the colon ferment these compounds, which welfares the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. According to the study, the Granny Smith apples surpass Braeburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, McIntosh and Red Delicious in the amount of nondigestible compounds they contain.

‘The nondigestible compounds in the Granny Smith apples actually changed the proportions of faecal bacteria from obese mice to be similar to that of lean mice,’ Noratto said. The discovery could help prevent some of the disorders associated with obesity such as low-grade, chronic inflammation that can lead to diabetes. The balance of bacterial communities in the colon of obese people is disturbed. These results in microbial byproducts that lead to inflammation and influence metabolic disorders associated with obesity, Noratto said. ‘What determines the balance of bacteria in our colon is the food we consume,’ she said.

‘Results of this study can help people differentiate between apple varieties and choose the ones preventing obesity related diseases,’ she says.
The study was published in the journal Food Chemistry.

Source: The Health Site

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